on the eco-system,

The impossible approach,

It is a hard bargain, the perception in itself of our cosmos. a human positioned within, drawn to attend the unavoidble, inspired to discover the incomprehensible. a natural world of which we do percieve borders of comprehension who do not correspond to the borders we can suppose, hence science. The possible supposition we will never comprehend fully even the natural world, it's shifts and expansions or retractions. If neglected this supposition and stating the gradual discovery of the total comsmological structures, it's evolvements by science, becoming religion. The emotional need to position a god, in an external position to our realities, to shift the responsibility and anguish of existence of our backs. Not only wrestling with the position of includedness within the problem of comprehension, but the knowledge of death defining another limit to our effort, timeliness, the question of has our life sense. This is our world, our cosmos, uncomprehended, undefined in it's limits, the promise of mystery ever enduring, and the ongoing struggle to compromise, and anchor our perceptions to the laws of the unavoidable, the daily survival. Humankind is not apt to see itself, the every individual's meaning by cohesion to our social and generational perpetration. For now our ill-comprehended universe gives us little consolation. That is the eco-system we live in, that is the minimal comprehension that adds to our perceptions, our anguishes, our fears.

The consequences are here, the universe of man, ever-shifting, our perceptions ever reassessed by science, but finite and limited by definition, this sum of the natural world and our proper perceptions, the realistic logic of questioning time, merely defined by our own mortality, a meager anchor to the theory of existence of time at all. That should define the eco-system as the dependent variable in our simplified equation of three variables interacting...



Intentional systemic flaws, internal profit seeking

Plav Montenegro, the 27th of april 2013, a case study

Stealthily, with no prior consulting, no public advertisement of intention, in method and goal, the local community of Plav administrators ordinated dumping a dozen trucks of raw sewage, hospital debris, industrual toxins, unsorted waste into a private lot on Friday the 26th of april.
The three brand new trucks involved as collector, then dumping trucks, proudly advertised on there orange sides 'gift from the European Community'. They were the star perpetrators in mechanics of the moment, in stark contrast with the crappy bulldozer smearing out the stinking waste on the plot destined. There was barely anyone present, the owner of the lot, a subsistence farmer, scraping by financially, having young kids at his home, the plot of his property in question, 200 meters from his own home, was harking the sewage under. No need to be asked why the poor fellow was chosen to have the privilege to turn the 'useless' as farmland, plot into a garbage dump. The mere promise of retribution must have sufficed...

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The equation

Three dependent variables.

In the introduction and the title, three variables come to the fore, they can be seen as the non-reducible simplification of the number of variables that on the lowest level influence, and this is important, dependently, any outcome as to projecting the future. The dependency of these three variables also can be seen as influencing reality in a direct way, then reverberating in incalculable cause-effect further consequences. They can be seen as entities, living variables, in themselves ever changing, similar to organic, living organisms. Having made preliminary remarks on how they function and orient themselves, we should be now be ready to put them into an equation.

When we connect the three variables, seen as dots in a first visualisation, we get a triangular plane. To further the proposition, it is now supposed to define anywhere on the plane the variable we introduce, say oneself as an individual as in where we belong with regard to the variables, then scenario some changes to the three variables to see our ever shifting position. It could be said that the closer to the borders of the triangle we deviate after corrections to the variables, how riskier our position gets. The finding of oneself out of the triangular plane, need not be told. This is a first visualisation I propose as to comprehend the ‘phenomena’ of climate change, pollution, war policies, energy issues and on.

The eco-system, human bulk, human facilitas, present in the three dots that then shape the plane, then by positioning one’s group or individual interests within the plane, then changing the position of the dots in a systematic way to simulate some kind of interference, then would alter the position of the chosen antagonist on the plane. This would constitute one model for the playground of reality. To add complexity to the model one could add levels of inclination of the plane, combine systems of planes and see where they intersect. The basic understanding though of the relationships of say climate-change and energy policies as to the shape of the triangle will at least provide a model that might question the often binary logic of public communication.

Now secondly, within the sphere analogy, there is to one’s preference an alternative visualisation method for simulating first our proper individual position, our group appurtenance within the globes, then by shrinking and expanding the globes one can simulate the impact of come again human population numbers. as a matter of sophistication making the spheres more or less transparent or porous could add further sophistication. To allow them to differ in shape and ‘pressure’ would add more layers of complexity to the model.....


Reality and perception

 …is it that sometimes we look and feel as children. Imprints on adult brains translating in feelings of amazement and deception, associations of material reality blending into emotions of confusing nature, that's the one, that's the human one.

Layers upon layers of impressions. Then going on to sublimate these into some type of reasoning, steering bodily interference to submerge in more reality, ever shaping outcomes of even less coherence. Then ever in a while the occasional illumination knocks, a desirable consequence of trying to comprehend and steers our cheers and hoorays.

a straight line, a hold-out till the next problem does away with any sense of being in control. The drama of yet another cycle of complexity playing out. Most perceptions, building naive linear correlations between what we see as cause for inspiration fade or implode. The dreaded resulting 'post hoc ergo prosper hoc' situations, heuristics and sub-conscious reductionism, playing into static, binary logic. Even worse, a reality of the harsher kind, the trade-of being a net loss of coherence, all but a resulting complexity of obtrusive trash and gaseous waste, clutter of the brain translated into physical mess.

Then once in a while materializes a local marker of original thought, a product, a tool to leverage reminiscence of cohesion, comprehension, harmony, then out of it we drift again, floating on to yet another run-away reality. The cycles are unending, markings overstepped by filters of biology, of the individual proper, environmental imprints, markers on loops at best, to yet another cycle of interference.

The human individual, in any kind of cluster or group, from narrow traits, then overstepping genetics, to the broad and large, influenced outside of own biology into the notion of belonging then being impressed upon. The process repeats unending, translating into ill related reality, let alone whatsoever comprehension of the itinerary of getting there. Of the biology of me, of us, the circumferential drafts and notions of surroundings, results to each, the notion of life itself.

On any level, in our feeble glands, in chemical signalling and synaptic drip, conditioned by outside interference of the most primitive kinds, hunger, thirst, chill or heat, within the genomes of our family and tribe, the extended family of race, society. From spatial perceptions, perceptions of time, limited by our frontal brain-lobe, emerges the momentary consciousness of infinite malleability of felt reality. Grasped in a blip, we gorge on the sum of clutter made comprehension, decide away any momentousness choke, whatever it is running out of the biology of oxygen, we play as is, at hoc, to date, a game of discourse for the better and hidden primitive emotional wants.

Welcome to the biological world of inner man, the indistinguishable outer layers of genetics of society, the engineering effects and continuous relaying of man and 'monde', the overlaying blob of in-comprehension. Welcome to the complex reality of life. No ambitions of measurable science here yet, any fact, deluded by some ephemeral genetic drive and some bent pheno-typical circumstance translates into misery or joy. No better to compare the human state of affairs but to a messy grasp of momentary delusion on the full scale of better to worse.

The story of yeast cells, gorging in a bath of sugary juice, eating at hart, the case of restraint by some of those, the temporary abundance inciting the others to reproduce their genetic drives of growth …to ever more alcohol, accelerating the process of suffocation, all cells left to hope for an externalized god of sorts, some illuminated consequence of science, sugary dope. Philosophical comprehension, some binary dissertation of growth, progress, even optimism in itself in an outlet of fear… to drain the alcohol of menacing concern, and fill up the bath 'at infinitum' with always fresh sugary paste.

Playfullness aside, reality is a complex, human history made it worse, it is individually comprehended, or not, socially acted out, the symbolism's and reductions are made up as we humans go. It all whirls out in an accelerating tumble, will these wits of ours be sufficient, question asked.


General outlooks

On the equation of human potential, human bulk, and the finite eco-system.

I question the human potential consolidation taking place within a fraction of the world population, a sub-group disposed of confinement by territorial borders and possessing ampler relative time-constraints then historically.

Sociobiology, within the definition of E. O. Wilson, suggesting evolutionism within the organizing of society has made a cluster of humans 'singularly' distinct. That social prevalence might outweigh any single advancement or catastrophe.

Pitching the bulk of human numbers with few noteworthy distinctions in their levels of organizing, fractional and passive, as compared to the the blob of facultas retained within a small number of individuals, and in the confrontation with the needs of the planet, the outcome of interests seems probable.

What history tells us, where the sciences amass their questions, what a larger body of accessible knowledge shows to the potential-rich and hides beyond comprehension for most of humanity. Within the constraints of urgency as an added layer of complexity, …human bulk is going to be the trade-off.

With all reservations as to the sufficiency of human potential harnessed, in today's frame of the movie on reality, human potential and it's beholders figure as the strongest implicit determinator of whatever outcome.

Planet solved, humanity transcended, there is many a scenario in the writing, none so obvious as along the lines of above.